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Comments from our Learning Community

"I absolutely loved this course! I really liked the idea of bringing humanities and maths together. Maybe we should be working together more?"

Maths and Science teacher

"I Completed the course in 2021 and applied for a position at a school locally and was successful in gaining the position"

Justin, Education Support Professional Certificate Course

"I have enjoyed the workshops so far and I find them empowering to feel more confident in my subject area. Engaging activities are valuable for my teacher’s toolkit"


"I applied for a full-time secondary role on the last day of the course and the knowledge I was able to bring to my answers in the interview was purely because of what I had learned in the Education Support Professional Certificate Course with Dr Kay Scott"

Student, Education Support Professional Certificate Course

"I would definitely recommend the Eudcation Support Professional Certificate course to anyone who is wanting to understand but also broaden their perspective on children with disabilities. This course offers lots of content and can teach the key principles in becoming a teacher aide"

Nadia, Education Support Professional Certificate Course

"I've not seen anything like this offered before. So I was curious. I didn't know what I didn't know! This course has given me some of the financial vocabulary and some of the context that I’ve been missing. There are so many new products and services that are vital for students to understand now. Thanks for your engaging presentations and original ideas. I think this is an incredible initiative!"

Commerce and Mathematics teacher